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GSA Carbon Footprint Tool

Noblis and GSA developed the GSA Carbon Footprint Tool to assist federal agencies in measuring and managing their greenhouse gas emissions as required by Executive Order 13514.  The Tool provides a step-by-step bottom-up comprehensive GHG inventory solution that is designed for ease-of-use by novice or advanced users.

In addition to helping agencies fulfill their GHG reporting requirements, the Tool allows users to forecast the effects of implementing cost-effective and energy-efficient strategies to lower their emissions.

Carbon Footprint Tool Dashboard

• Compiles GHG inventory via bottom-up methodology
• Facility level data rolls up to annual agency aggregate level for an accurate GHG inventory
• Pre-populates building energy use, fleet fuel consumption, and business travel data from existing federal data systems
• Provides visualization of key metrics for analysis and forecasting of emissions based on what-if scenarios
• Displays GIS map of sites and emissions across geographically dispersed sites
• Calculates a return on investment (ROI) with annual savings and years to payback

• Enables agencies to measure, monitor, and forecast their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by scope 1, 2, & 3
• Facilitates implementation of cost-effective and realistic GHG reduction goals
• Fully compliant with EO 13514 Section 9 Federal GHG Reporting Guidance

The GSA Carbon Footprint Tool is free for all federal employees.  To register for a demo account, click here.  For information using the GSA Carbon Footprint Tool in your agency, click here.