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eVOL is a US Green Building Council [USGBC] pre-approved sustainable facilities benchmarking program built on the backbone of USGBC’s LEED Volume Program for Operations and Maintenance. The web-based tool allows users, namely portfolio managers and owners, to environmentally certify their fleet of existing buildings in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to encourage integration of LEED and green building practices into organization-wide practices.



Key Features
• Web tool and documentation
• Benchmarking & reporting on a credit-to-credit basis
• Streamlined documentation and submittals with review opportunities
• Standardized approach in managing larger (over 25) building portfolios
• Ability to Identify and track retrofit opportunities
• LEED EB certification and Guiding Principles Compliance

Key Benefits
• Significant per-building cost savings by efficiently achieving economies of scale through uniformity in quality control processes and policies.
• Savings of up to 70% on a per-building basis.
• Ability to complete tasks in parallel with simultaneous documentation allowing further benefits (i.e. utility cost reductions, tenant healthy and productivity improvements, and property value increases) to be realized in shorter timeframe.

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